Atharva (2023)

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The story revolves around Karna who has a penchant for investigating murder mysteries. He dreams of becoming a policeman but fails after multiple attempts due to his asthma disorder. That is, his friends advise him to apply for a detective position in the Clues team. Karan quickly solves a theft case using his intelligence. This is when his college friend Nitya, a crime reporter, meets him but Karna struggles to express his feelings for her. Nitya’s friend Joshni, along with her boyfriend Shiva, is tragically shot dead by unknown assailants. The police suspect Shiva, assuming that he killed his girlfriend out of suspicion. Since there was no evidence in the case, the case is closed. However, Nitya refuses to believe this. Karna is determined to solve the case. What’s the backstory of Joshni and Shiva? Why were they both killed? Who was the actual killer?


Mahesh Reddy


Karthik Raju | Simran Choudhary | Arvind Krishna | Kabir Duhan Singh


Action | Drama

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