Em Chesthunnav (2023)

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Sai doesn’t know what to do in his career and just keeps roaming around. Everyone in the neighborhood keeps asking him what he is up to in life. He falls in love with Riya Nakshatra, who owns a restaurant. One fine day, Riya asks Sai to look after one of their restaurants, and this leads to their breakup. After a couple of years, Sai sets his career goal, and he gets ample support from Shresta. Who is this Shresta? What value did she bring to Sai’s life? What did Sai do during those two years? This is what the film is about.


Bharat Mitra


Vijay Rajkumar | Neha Pathan | Amita Ranganath | Aamani | Rajiv Kanakala


Comedy | Drama

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