Hanuman (2024)

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Hanumanthu, hailing from Anjanadhri, is a petty thief. He has an elder sister, Anjamma, who takes immense care of him. Hanumanthu loves Meenakshi, who also belongs to the same place. Gajapathi pretends to be the savior of Anjanadhri from bandits, but he exercises control over the villagers. One day, Meenakshi revolts against Gajapathi, which makes the latter attack the former. While trying to save Meenakshi, Hanumanthu lands in trouble. This is when Hanumanthu finds a precious stone through which he gets superpowers.


Prasanth Varma


Teja Sajja | Varalaxmi Sarathkumar | Amritha Aiyer | Vinay Rai


Action | Adventure | Fantasy

Release Date

Jan 12, 2024

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