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The Nine Gates and Eight Trigrams

The Nine Gates and Eight Trigrams

Jul. 05, 202091 Min.
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In the early days of the Republic of China, Zhang Tian Ming, Jiang Dayu and Ge Xiaobone, the heirs of Yi Xue, coincidentally received a mysterious invitation, and Ling Wu Er, who was not learned, also received the invitation. Subsequently, the four of them follow the invitation’s instructions and meet at a luxurious manor. They thought it was just an ordinary site selection, but all this was just the beginning of a plot by the Japanese secret spy Nobuko Miyazawa to use the Their ancestral relics find a secret base that has disappeared for centuries. In order to blackmail them, Zhang Tian Ming’s fiancée, Tang Wanqing, is also secretly captured by them

Original title 绝世古镇之九宫八卦门

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