Powder (2024)

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The plot revolves around multiple events that happening on a late night, get interlinked at points. The director has attempted to create a “Maanagara”’ or a ‘Metro’ kind of scenario. here are various characters involved here, each with their own agenda. A young girl Vidya leaves home the night before her wedding to meet her former boyfriend who was blackmailing her. A police commissioner mobilises a team with stern orders to search for something missing from his house. A distressed father wreaks brutal vengeance on a man who had seduced his daughter and discarded her. Raghavan an upright cop on duty, encounters some suspicious characters during his patrolling. A corrupt politician is hacked to death by a group of youngsters. Two petty thieves break into a bungalow, watch with glee a couple making love, and indulge in acts totally crass and off colour. Pattarai in urgent need of money, takes on a contract to kill someone.


Vijay Sri G.


Vidya Pradeep | Nikil Murukan | Vijay Sri G | Vaiyapuri | Anithra Nair | Rajendran



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