Razakar (2024)

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This is the story of the Nizam State, which initially resisted becoming part of Independent India but eventually agreed after several confrontations and warnings. Mir Osman Ali Khan wishes to retain his kingdom without merging it with India. Additionally, Kasim Razvi, a militant, joins him and indoctrinates him, stating that if given power, he would ensure that the Nizam State doesn’t become part of Independent India but remains a separate nation named Turkistan. If merging is inevitable, Pakistan is the preferred choice over India. As Osman Ali Khan empowers Kasim Razvi, he becomes a tyrant resembling a demon, forcibly attacking several Hindu settlements and converting them to Islam. He orchestrates various forms of violence, including rape, murder, and arson. Finally, Sardar Vallabhai Patel intervenes and liberates the Nizam State from the iron grip of the Nizam.


Yata Satyanarayana


Raj Arjun | Markand Deshpande | Bobby Simha | Anasuya | Vedhika | Tej Sapru


Drama | Historical

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