Upadhyaksha (2024)

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Set in the village of Gejjepura, the same village as in the 2014 film Adhayksha. Chikkanna reprises his role as Narayana, the Upadhyaksha of Chi. Thu Sangha. Actor Sharan, who played the role of Chandrashekhar Gowda in Adhyaksha, makes a guest appearance as Adhyaksha of Chi. Thu Sangha.Upadhyaksha Narayana is at loggerheads with Shivarudre Gowda of Gejjepura and elopes with his daughter from Gejjepura. Shivarudre Gowda, angry and shocked at the development, goes in search of the eloped couple with the intention of killing Narayana and returning with his daughter back to Gejjepura. Can Narayana overcome Shivrudregowda and marry Anjali?


Anil Kumar


Chikkanna | Malaika Vasupal | P. Ravi Shankar | Sadhu Kokila



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